Licence Info

What's involved in getting my firearms license ?

The NSW Police Firearms Registry website is the place to go for official information on how to obtain your firearms license. The following is a summary only.

Firearms Licenses are issued for different categories of firearms. Broadly the categories are:-

  • Category A - Rimfire & Air Rifles
  • Category B - Centrefire Rifles
  • Category C - Self Loading Rimfire Rifles.
  • Category D - Self Loading Centrefire Rifles
  • Category H - Handguns

74 Pistol Club shoots matches predominately using Category A and Category H firearms

Category A/B - Longarms License

You must complete a long arms safety course before applying for a Cat A/B license. Safety courses are conducted by a number of people/organisations including the 74 Pistol Club's Armorer. There is a fee for this course. At the successful completion of the course you will be issued with a certificate which you attach to your application form before sending it off to the Firearms Registry. You may purchase and possess longarms after your license has been issued.

Category H - Handgun License

To apply for a license you must:-

  1. Join a licensed pistol club
  2. Complete the application form and have it endorsed by the Pistol Club before sending your application to the Firearms Registry

If approved, the Firearms Registry will issue you a Probationary Pistol License (PPL) for a nominal period of 12 months. In practice the Probationary Period is likely to be closer to 14 months due to administrative delays. The probationary period is divided into two (2) halves - first six months, and second six months. 

  • During the first six month period you may participate in the sport of pistol shooting although you must be supervised at all times. You are not permitted to own or possess any Cat-H firearms during this period.
  • During the second six months you may participate in the sport of pistol shooting without the need for individual supervision. You may also purchase and possess up to two (2) firearms. (There are special rules governing the types and combination of firearms you can own during the period)

You must undergo training and complete a minimum of 3 competition shoots in each six (6) month period of your probation. Failure to do so may result in the cancelation of your license.

Genuine Reason

You must also supply what is known as a Genuine Reason when applying for a firearms license. Handgun licenses may only be obtained for purposes of Sport / Target Shooting. You can not use a Cat-H firearm for hunting, self defence or any other purpose except target shooting.